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How many Grineer are cloned each day?


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Exactly how many Grineer would have to be cloned to make up for the enormous amount killed each day?  Are there cloning facilities all over the system?


Just a thought that popped into my head.


P.S: Wouldn't it be cool to have an event where the Grineer somehow got ahold of a new DNA print and were threatening to overtake the system.  Being able to see what "fresh" Grineer would look like, and the massive amounts to fight them back would be awesome.

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It wouldn't have to be a particularly astronomical number, realistically speaking. Even the oldest of Tenno only have a few million kills per faction, so the grand total of player kills is probably something like an average Tuesday in Warhammer 40K's Imperium of Man.

On top of that, I can't help but doubt that the Zariman 10-0 would logically have enough children on board to account for the four-and-a-half million or so users in the first place. That's almost twice the population of Texas, and they're all children. The population of adult crew and passengers alone would most likely be even larger than that.

Aside from specific kinds of ship, most of which would not make the most sense in the context of the Old War, there's little reason to suspect that a single vessel would have any population of that size. Thus, we can deduce that the actual grand total of Grineer killed across all accounts is not relevant to the number of Grineer which their cloning facilities canonically manufacture.

However, such numbers must remain ambiguous by necessity, whether the population of the Zariman 10-0, or the production rate of Grineer Clones. Having hard numbers would inevitably strain suspension of disbelief one way or the other.

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Well, during Vor's prize Captain Vor states that the Grineer are 'Millions strong', not billions. So, despite having a whole system to go to, they're not expanding at the rate humanity does despite having thousands of years to flourish.

We also know that, during the ARG, 35 million Corpus were killed on V prime. Assuming that a good chunk of the playerbase was taking part in that instead of typical activity, I'd say 50-ish million are probably killed daily.

So, around that number of Grineer clones. Maybe a couple million or so more.

Corpus most likely accelerate the breeding process for their Crewman via something called the 'Crewman Project' which was an old Orokin project that got rejected and presumably found by the Corpus after the collapse of the Orokin.

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