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Cephalon simaris standings Bug on Pago spy (Kuva)


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Hey, i was doing Pago on Kuva to get [covert lethality] and at the same time was scanning the enemies to gain simaris standing, it showed me daily standing reached after i scanned bunch of them, and i even got my covert lethality mod... but after the mission ended all the standing i gained during the mission was not added to my account and i basicly did not gain standing at all, even though during mission it showed me daily standing reached. I am MR12 so 13000 standings is quite a lot and i just lost all of it. I don't know if it is only Pago (Kuva) specific bug or no. I repeated this spy mission 3 times and each time it showed me daily limit reached but did not add standings to my account, so i am pretty sure it is 100% bugged. Here are the screenshots i took : 

 >>> this is me during mission, you can see the standing i gained, i screenshot this because it told me daily standing reached.


>>> this is me after mission, for whatever reason i was searching for syndicates tab to see my progress but it was not here...


>> this is me looking at my profile to see if i gained the syndicate standing for simaris, as you can see i did not... 


So yeah i don't know why i did not gain standing from that mission and i did not screenshot the first 2 runs because i was really not sure if i was dreaming or what , but it is real. Hope DE fixes this bug.  Please tell me if i am the only one with this bug or no . Thanks for help! 

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