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Expectations for Future Years


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New Umbra mods because there are rumors saying Umbra polarities will be added for Warframes that don't have it by forma the Warframe. New Umbra mods I would like to see is: 

1. Umbral Stretch 2. Umbral Redirection 3. Sacrificial Organ Shatter 4. Sacrificial Point Strike 5. Sacrificial Vital Sense 6. Sacrificial Serration

I would also like to see arguments for Excalibur Umbra and when he gets his own arguments, he shouldn't be able to use Excalibur's arguments. His arguments can be a drop from a new mission type that involves sentients after completing 1 rotation of it. It should be a rare or uncommon drop. The only reason I think he should get his own arguments over Excalibur because Umbra Warframes are different from their regular forms because they have a unique mechanic that make them fight on their own when they in operator mode and these arguments should embrace it, but I still do not know if he should be able to use the regular Excalibur's argument. I'm not saying all of the arguments should embrace it but one or some should embrace the Umbra passive. The other arguments could be something useful while you in your Excalibur Umbra. 

I would like to see a change in specters. I wanted something like a small program that you can do on it before heading into a battle of course. For example, you can program Trinity to use Blessing when a certain amount of your health is gone. This will help them use their abilities in the time of need. 

I would like to see new primed mods like: 

1. Primed Streamline 2. Primed Fast Deflection 3. Primed Shocking Touch 4. Primed North Wind 5. Primed Molten Impact 6. Primed Hellfire 7. Primed Stormbringer 8. Primed Infected Clip 9. Primed Contagious Spread 10. Primed Incendiary Coat 11. Primed Chilling Grasp 12. Primed Deep Freeze 13. Primed Pathogen Rounds 14. Primed Convulsion 15. Primed Blunderbuss 

Lastly, I would like to see more Umbra Warframes.


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