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Stug + synth charge don't work


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in this clip i took from the simulacrum it shows me using a stug w synth charge, what i expected was 6x damage charge shot w 200% bonus damage if it empties the clip resulting in some big hurt, instead i find that the mod dont work at all... seperate from the fact that i am pretty sure the stugs charge shot doesn't work as intended anyway (6 spammed shots do more damage than a 6 shot charged round) please i know the stug is kind of a meme of uselessness but still something great can come from it with a little effort... and it working as intended. 154062 was what i had expected the damage numbers to work out to (not accounting for resistances armor etc.) instead the charge shot does less damage than its components, isnt listed in the description, and has so many more issues 


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