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Amps have come a long way


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It really has

Before fortuna, amps was pretty limited. Put simply, there was only 2 use for amp, that are severely limited to certain combination. There could be only 1 combination for eidolon hunt. And there could be only few combination that make normal play with operator strong enough, and fun to use at the same time.

Vox solaris changed that. Even the ever rigid meta of eidolon has seen a new direction of using x77 OR x27 (still broken btw, please fix it thx). The Profit taker brought another meta of phahd scaffold. The appearance of Plaga Brace brought ALL the incredibly ammo inefficient firing mode into something we can enjoy instead of excruciatingly try to cope with waiting 5s every 2 shot (yes, literally dissic scaffold right there). In addition, we got 6 new firing mode from this update that are all fairly decent (which they would not have been without Plaga brace. Thanks for adding it, I'm very happy). Virtuos trojan and other elements add new options to the status parameter of amps.

Overall, I'm very happy our little kid has come so far.

But, there is still more to be done:

As I said, Plaga and the new fire modes and virtuoses brought many and many more combination to the table, which is why now I have this conglomerate of 5 or so amps that I have to annoyingly switch from my operator screen. That is why it's about time we have amps available in our arsonal. Very nice QoL addition, and it hurts nothing.

Void damage is weak to grineer and ancients for no particular good reason at all. Well, I dont even have to say out loud how to fix that because its so obvious what to do.

Armor scaling is still bad (which is most things but well, it's extra bad because ^^^^^^^). I think something like 50-75% ignore armor, like radiation, would alleviate some trouble and even the corpus and grineer viability.

Edit: I forgot, but also cut down the farm. It was NOT fun getting those repeller system (on top of leveling up vox solaris which take 5 as well...), 100+ fish and too many hespazym/thyst/zodians... And whose idea it was to drop only 1 type of toroid on profit taker...

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Its going to be common to forget to change your amp I would say, yes arsenal / load outs would be great.

Daft question, if you used a virtuos to convert void to something else, would it still be effective against eidolons?

Im a bit confused what the loss and gains could amount to, to suit which scenarios.

I for one will definitely be forgetful to change amps, so with system as is, I would have to choose carefully.



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Meh. Still too much grind for an "alternate" weapon. I wont bother crafting any other than the one i already have, that they add more parts or not. It was an unneeded and very unwelcome addition to begin with, in my opinion.

The fact that DE is trying more and more to make those obligatory in the gameplay is making me irrationally angry. I wasn't happy with the eidolons gameplay and i wish they'd just stop doing this, and if they keep going this way that they just heavily tone down the grind because had i not been away from work, i would never have been able to craft the damn thing, and yet i still had to buy some stuff needed for some parts. This is crazy. And i've played the game for 5 years, i know the grind IS the game, but c'mon, why is it harder to get everything to craft a stupid bonus weapon for a gameplay part that's 1% of the game than to get everything to craft a WARFRAME ? 

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