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Warframe keeps going unresponsive, then crashing.


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No matter what I do, Warframe is constantly crashing on me under heavy stress areas like plains of eidolon and/or combat situations (like missions.) This doesn't seem to care about what graphics my game is set at, nor whether or not DX11/10 are enabled, since I have used each extreme to test this bug. I have ran with low graphics , high graphics DX11/10 turned off, overlays like steam's built in overlay and discord's are all turned off. I have updated drivers, I have verified the data cache (from the warframe launcher).  I literally do not know what else to try. I have even reinstalled the game.  This has never been an issue before. It only started around with the fortuna update.

Here is my bug support ticket info:   'WAR-1939770'

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