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Relics and rewards.

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Is it too much to ask that we fix the relics? I don't think we should have relics dropping mixed items, or having multiple relics with the same gold reward. my examples being ( Neo V3 Neo V5 for Vauban prime neurotics, Neo S9 and Neo s7 for the Sliva & Aegis prime guard, Neo K1 and Neo K2 for the Kogake prime gauntlet, Axi O1, O3 and O4 for Oberon prime system, Axi V5 and V6 for Valkyr prime chassis and last but not least Meso S5, S7 and S8 for Sybaris prime barrel ). I find that most of these hold vaulted relics as well, some of witch where vaulted before that item got released. I think is we segregate prime parts to relics that would come with the new prime frame it would, 1) clean up the relic system. 2) keep vaulted items vaulted, also bring up the market for those items. ( PS4 economy is garbage now due to the current tossed together relic system ). What do you guys think? I personally like the way of the void keys, when a item was vaulted it was vaulted, now don't get me wrong I like being able to get vaulted item after their gone, but... without a better structured relic system ( that doesn't look like tossed prime salad ) we might as well as not vault items. What do you guys think. ( DE I can also get you a list of relics with repeated items, and get you a draft of how it could look and better the game ) BRING BACK THE SOLAR RAIL CONFLICT. I look forward to seeing what you guys think. 😁

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Almost all, not just most, of the rare duplicates are between vaulted and unvaulted relics.   The only current exception is for the Akbolto Prime Receiver (Axi A4 and Neo A2) -- ALL the other duplicates for rares are between a single currently available relic and one or more vaulted relics.  Common and Uncommon parts are a different story, of course.

What you suggest might be a slightly cleaner system for relic management.   It would concentrate all of a new Prime Frame's releases into 4 or 5 relics.   But I don't think DE wants to do that -- I think they actually strongly prefer them spread out.   (If you'll notice, with the recent Mesa Prime release, EVERY new part was in it's own relic.)

The economic effects on the prime part market, however, would be minimal, and not what you are thinking.   Rare parts would still be just as rare and players who had saved relics would still have the relics.   The mixing or unmixing of the primes wouldn't have any real effect on the average number of prime parts for each item at all, which means the market would generally be unaffected.   The only real effect I see would be to depress prices at the start of a prime release - instead of players opening as wide a variety of relics to get all the different new parts (and also the newly vaulted parts...), there would be an early run on the concentrated new and vaulted relics, resulting in more of the new prime parts for the new and vaulted items at the start, resulting in a market depression on those items, while items which aren't being vaulted or released would be slightly inflated.   But that would only be a short term effect - in the long term it would balance out.

So really, concentrating the items is more of a bookkeeping problem - finding the right relic for you to open.   That's more easily handled with a filter - the only real problem I have with the relic system right now is that it needs a filter checkbox on the Relic selection page for filtering out vaulted relics.

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