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[24.2.6] Fluctus stopped doing damage to Profit-Taker Legs mid-fight [video]


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UPDATE 01/02/19: So retested this and I think in could be a mix of visual bug of the dmg numbers and may be hit box of the legs? While the legs actually do take damages even with just grey zeros, I have encounter instances where some legs from time to time actually don't take damage until you move to a different angle. It might have something to do with Fluctus's wave collision with the hit box of an already broken legs blocking the shot.

Original post below:

After hearing about this off and on from various people, I finally got to test this myself. I am not sure if this is a random bug that only happens to certain people with certain set-ups since some claimed it works find for them, but at least for me the first time I try to use it the gun stopped doing damages to the last two legs during even the first stage of the fight. 



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