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Volt and Tonkor


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At Volts shield there is a problem with the Tonkor shortly after they have passed the shield the shells will explored

Same problem with phantom shell passed the shield after ~6 meters the shell explored without hit

has anyone find out the same?


sorry for bad english 🙂

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wow i recently made my tonkor and realized the exact same thing i dont know if it's a bug cause the wiki states "Grenades explode on impact after travelling 6 meters, either on enemies or terrain" so i think is intended to work that way atleast in the current state cause it cant explode before hitting a "wall" before 6 meters and when it pass the volt shield the "impact a wall thing" get set to ON and it exoplode as soon as is available to the bullet. So i guess we have to point that thing out to DE and hope they decide that is a weird and counterintuitive side effect that should be fixed otherwise ,stated that is NOT a bug, they will leave that way. Its kinda sad cause i would really love to use that interaction.

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