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Operators on K-drive


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Operators aren't doing too much other than pop up for a few seconds. So why not let them drive the K-drives? Especially after the release of the new operator cosmetics. Imagine jumping around in Vallis as a true VentKid. And maybe make a new game mode for it where you can race against others on custom maps. I think it would work...

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I'm fine with this idea I just don't really understand what it offers to the gameplay table. Sounds like it would be purely cosmetic since you don't want to be getting shot off your K-Drive anyway, and being an Operator would mean if you did you'd get teleported all the way back to your frame, or it comes to you. If they did this I would want it to add or change something.

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Not only that, but it should also be possible to bullet jump from the k-drive and back into it, and perform various acrobatics like:

Bullet jump from k-drive

While in air, summon archwing

Dispel archwing

Become Operator while in air

Void Dash back into k-drive

All without touching the ground. 

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