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Potential Atlas rework


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I'm one of the few Atlas players in warframe and would really like to see a nezha level rework to Atlas. After playing him for some time I've come up with a few ideas to help make him a much more heavy damage dealer like he's meant to be.

1. I purpose that the armor that Atlas accumulates from rubble increases his melee dmg at set intervals ex: 250 rubble are = 15% melee dmg increase, 500 = 20% melee dmg increase and so on.

2. Since Atlas is meant to be a Earth bruiser/brawler frame it would be a good idea to have, at max rubble, Atlas enters/gains an increase in rubble armor ( 1,500 to 2,500) - can change that increase. In addition, Atlas would have the increase in melee dmg.

3. Either increase the dmg potential of rumblers or, just like Gara, allow Atlas to increase their damage with the use of petrify ( this would only happen if the Rumblers are at max health)

4. GUARANTEED energy orb drop when petrified enemy is successfully killed ples... that energy drain can be ridiculous even with pizzas and zenurik

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