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Atlas and his Rumblers


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(originally I posted this on Reddit but I wanted to see how this would do here)

Atlases rumblers are pretty ok, they are good at dealing with squishy enemies and they do a great job at harassing and aggro draw, I just have a few recommendations for them if Atlas is to ever get another look at (which is very possible since his deluxe skin is coming soon)

First off, just some buffs for rumblers

-rumblers are able to petrify a target in front of them every 8 seconds (one of the problems I have with atlas is the constant spamming of Petrify, allowing rumblers to petrify enemies might help lower the excessive use of that ability and help Atlas collect rubble)

-rumblers damage is doubled with every 250 stacks of rubble atlas has built up (like I said, rumblers are fairly good at dealing with squishy targets, but allowing them to have damage that scales with rubble will allow them to more effectively deal with the lower health targets)

-rumblers will actively seek out rubble and collect it for Atlas to increase his rubble meter (basically give rumblers a vacuum but only for rubble), each bit of rubble picked up by rumblers will increase there duration by 1 second

Now onto the new mechanic

Rumblers are very tanky and there AI is surprisingly good, I would love it if they were able to effectively hold a position

-upon reactivating rumblers while pointing your crosshair at a rumbler, atlas will go into a command mode, atlas will then be able to direct a position for a rumbler to hold, upon reaching their position, rumblers will be stationary and will act like sentry's and gain increased range while hurling rocks at enemies, if an enemy gets too close to a rumbler, a "wrestling ring" of stone will rise up around the rumbler in a 6 meter radius, stopping enemies from getting in or out and blocking projectile (ring can be destroyed if dealt enough damage), rumbler will then petrify all targets in the ring if rumblers petrify is no longer on cooldown and gain 600% more damage until all targets within ring is destroyed

This ability will allow you to have one rumbler holding a defence point while the other rumbler follows atlas and help petrify and collect rubble, both rumblers are allowed to go into this sentry mode (holding in the ability will deactivate all rumblers)

Let me know what you think, I hope this doesn't make rumblers too OP, its just there current state right now is not good but it's not bad either, I just want it to be a great ability and make rumblers feel more like bodyguards and be more effective in battle and give atlas more defence

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These are some good ideas! Particularly, the two about rumblers being able to petrify and pick up rubble make a lot of sense. The command mode idea, though, sounds clunky to implement and doesn't quite suite Atlas' theme. Also, I would gladly forego adding a petrify effect in favor of removing the duration limit for Rumblers. That alone could improve the ability's effectiveness.

But, to be honest, his final ability is really not what needs improving. To make his kit more desirable I think it'd be better to focus on improving his survivability. Atlas can be really tanky as he is, but I don't see the reasoning behind giving his rubble both a decay rate and a maximum armor cap. Why have both? I suppose DE wanted to make Atlas' play style very active and his passive mechanic feel like it has a kind of snowball effect -- the more you kill, the tougher you become -- but the same feel can be achieved without the armor cap. Imagine simply removing the armor cap but keeping the decay rate. There would still be real danger of losing his armor stacks at high level play as kills per second become an issue. Even just raising the cap to 2,000 instead of 1,500 could drastically improve his viability as a tankier warframe, but perhaps they're saving that change for his prime variant. Other than that, they could just increase his health a little. 

Anyway, nice suggestions!

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It would be quite a nice buff if every enemy killed by any power dropped some rubble since it heals and increases Atlas' armor. The amount of rubble dropped om each kill could be reduced to balance the increase in drops since it would also make it stay much longer despite its decay.

Another amazing addition would be to get rid of Titanic Rumbler and replace it with Rumbled, the pvp augment that allows the player to become a rumbler that slams the ground and tosses rocks at the enemies.

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