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Non functioning Arcane


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I have picked up the new Magus Repair and leveled it to Rank 3 but have found that it doesn't work for my frame or for team mates.

At this rank it is supposed to: On Void Mode- Heal warframes withing 15 Meters by 7% Health per second.  When standing on my frame or a team mate's frame I go into void mode with my operator nothing happens.

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11 hours ago, denis-ldv said:

Now it works only if you are host

This. I know. It feels bad i want Magus Repair to work too. (I hope that DE does as well). 

Additionally, can we get some cooldown timers, consistency, and graphical indicators (such as a tether mine) for magus lockdown. It's weird that magus lockdown lists no cooldown, and yet the arcane drops zero mines for the majority of void dashes.

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