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Performance issues right before crash and is constant


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So, I was playing a fissure for getting Hydroid prime systems and all of a sudden, the game started to get laggy as hell. I went down to 14 fps, and everyone else in my group got the same thing. When the mission was over, the game froze on the black loading screen right before you see your ship traveling. After the crash, or whatever it was, my fps is around 14 in any mission. I've tried to restart, lowering settings and no success in getting it better. I'm livestreaming it so I will clip when it happened and link to it for devs to see if needed.

While being in my ship, I have about 50 fps, which is a lot less than I used to have. So something broke, DE. 😞

The last thing I can try really, is to verify game files but I doubt that will help.

If you need anything, just ask and I'll try and get it for you. 🙂
// Erii

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Hi Eriip, The problem you are mention are related to your Computer PC - Most likely the Graficcard.

I have had the same issue, i recommend you try reinstall your drivers (test a newer or 1-2 versions older) when everything worked like a charm.
- If that sorts it, avoid that version of software update and report it to the Nvidia/Amd based on GPU u got.

Also u can do specific GPU settings in your GPU control panel to optimize the Warframe "gaming" to work for maximum performance.


When we speaking about part 2. Streaming.

Have you made sure your PC is up to standard to handle the stress from the game and other eventually programs you having active in background?
Discord/Browser (stream tool optimization/updated?) etc.

this is also a good reason you get a freezing or killed FPS. 14 fps seems also like your stream tool could be eating your FPS alot.

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First of all, my drivers are fine. Everything worked like a charm for 5 hours before this started to happen. And I was not the only one affected by this issue, my whole group that I currently was in was affected.

Streaming part. I'm running a 2 pc setup for streaming with a capture card between, so streaming while gaming does not affect my gameplay.

I sorted this out by myself. I reinstalled the game and now everything seems to work perfectly again.

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