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Dojo decorations auto-rotating in incredibly annoying fashion

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On 2019-09-25 at 8:42 AM, [DE]Tweep said:

We are currently working on a bunch of fixes to the dojo controls and systems. If there are any other issues related to dojo decoration please let me know. Thank you. 

Sorry for the huge list, but you did ask for it :)

These are bugs reposted from the "Ikeaframe Central" discord.

User: Horacitus
Bug: Clicking on empty ayatan makes them filled [resolves on reload]
Link: https://gfycat.com/zigzagsharpbobwhite

User: Haru119
Bug: Sometimes, regardless of decoration type, the decoration will not move on screen, but it is actually moving. Leaving dojo and coming back will fix it sometimes.

User: DrLego
Bug: When decorating sometimes you have to place one decoration INSIDE another decoration, and you can usually do this by being inside one of the decorations, which allows you to still select decorations in a room. The decoration you're in doesn't obstruct your view or your ability to hover over decorations. It seems the Corpus Conduit Pillar is an exception. If you go inside the corpus conduit pillar and attempt to select another decoration, you'll find it's impossible as your pointer will always have the corpus conduit pillar highlighted.
Link: https://youtu.be/C6pHD1BtOpQ

User: R4nK_F1v3
Bug:Sometimes using the clone function will spawn a new instance of a decoration in his vanilla state instead of the angle and size of the original, and it would persist for certain kinds of decorations. Only fix is to exit the dojo and reenter

The following bugs are from my own experience, or were found on the forums.

Bug: Dojo decorations are immovable until another decoration has been placed. Does not occur to all items or in all situations, but occurs on many items, most notably atmospherics and catwalks.
Link: https://youtu.be/UnHHPrIo1h4

User: Isaac_Ross
Bug: Seeming related to the previous bug. Some decorations are movable when placed, but only move part of the decoration. Examples include the fountain and lantern decorations
Link: https://youtu.be/dA_UH4HnxyQUser: M3JA

Bug: Scaling gets bugged sometimes. You can scale an item once and then it freezes and you can't scale it anymore. You have to either use the free scaling with the letter R or just re-enter the decoration mode (doesn't always work, the decoration stays frozen sometimes).
Link: N/A

Bug: Some items may not be reduced beyond a certain size while using sizing hotkeys, but may be reduced in size by using "hold to scale"

User: yarl5000
Bug: Many of the gardens have a lighting bug where some, but not all, of the lighting in the ceiling of the room changes color.
Link: https://imgur.com/q6bYvMX

User: Steelergurl33
Bug: Tributa Statue color changer on font is invisible while selecting colors. Some bright colors also prevent the text from appearing two-toned.
Link: https://youtu.be/P_We6j34ll0

User: Yamana S
Bug: Accent lighting clips through solid objects.
Link: https://youtu.be/E3mVAGqIbpo?t=24 (From 24s-52s)

User: Yamana S 
Bug: When moving decorations into restricted zones sometimes the item may not be placed in valid locations until it is pulled far enough away from the restricted zone to reset it to a valid state.
Link: https://youtu.be/E3mVAGqIbpo?t=53 (From 53s-1:10)

User: Yamana S
Bug: Sometimes duplicated decorations do not retain the sizing/rotation of the parent decoration.
Link: https://youtu.be/E3mVAGqIbpo?t=71 (From 1:11-1:26)

User: Yamana S
Bug: Sometimes an decorations will automatically rotate when selected or selected to constrain movement.
Link https://youtu.be/E3mVAGqIbpo?t=86 (From 1:26-2:10)

User: Yaman S 
Bug: Decorations will sometimes run up against an invisible barrier when using constrained movement.
Link: https://youtu.be/E3mVAGqIbpo?t=165 from (2:45-6:07)

Items below are not bugs, but they do really bug me (ba-dum tss) and I would really love you forever if you fixed them.

Problem: When in the escape>decorations>decorate menu you must first click the item you wish to place, and then click the "place decoration" button. This is different to how decoration selection worked prior to 2019, where you could simply double-click the item you wished to place, which made the selection of items much less tedious. Currently the escape>decorations>personal decorations menu only requires a single click to select an item to place, with no confirmation required. 
Desired Solution: Please make it so that decorations in the escape>decorations>decorate menu can be selected with a double click or single click, without having to consult the "place decoration" button. It's really really annoying to have to click two entirely separate places on the screen in order to confirm item placement, when a double-click to confirm would work just as well.

Problem: Many of the atmospherics decorations have selection hitboxes much larger than the 'diamond' selection marker. This makes them extremely hard to work around, as you must move any atmospherics out of the way of a project lest you unintentionally select the atmospherics decorations instead of the item you are aiming at. It is especially egregious on the larger spherical effects such as gravity wells, energy clouds, etc.
Desired Solution: Please restrain the selection hitbox to the size of the diamond for all atmospherics.

Problem: Possibly a bug, possible not. When atmospherics launched they had a single sized selection diamond. Now there are several sizes of selection diamond depending on the atmospheric you select.
Solution: Make them all the same size. Or don't, I'm not particularly bothered, I just though it was weird.

Problem: The Parent-Child system for dojo rooms prevents deletion of rooms, even if there is a valid path remaining to that room.
Solution: Do a path check to make sure there is a valid path to a room when one of its parent connections is deleted. If there is a valid path, allow the deletion. If not, prevent it.

Problem: Moving a room is a pain in the bottom, double so if you have it decorated.Decorating endless halls in a consistent fashion is also annoying. 
Solution: Allow us to "save" a number of rooms, including decoration placement, which can then be duplicated or placed elsewhere in the dojo. Copy-Paste for dojo rooms.

Problem: Infested decorations are under the tenno tab, instead of in their own tab. I'm no infested!"
Solution: Move Infested decorations to their own tab.

Problem: It's pretty difficult to make stairs/catwalks line up properly. Especially orokin stairs.
Solution: Add optional "magnetic" effect to stairs/catwalks that connect them properly automatically.

Problem: There are not enough inspiration halls allowed. It's by far the best room, and you can only build three of them.
Solution: Increase number of inspiration halls allowed. We already have a 100 room cap, which seems sufficient to limit the number of rooms built.

Problem: Accent lighting has some really cool interactions with some objects, like making ice objects glow, but can only be done near accent lights, which restricts which locations these effects are available in.
Solution: Give us an accent lighting decoration that actively affects the lighting in a room, even if it costs a ton of decoration capacity.


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1 hour ago, Shahrizai said:

Sorry for the huge list, but you did ask for it 🙂

Adding to this

The disappearing pillar in the custom dojo courses also disappear when in the dojo, unlike all other disappearing objects that only function when doing the course. This makes working with them hard since touching them require a reset of the dojo, if you want to move them. 

And since you are looking at dojos please fix the lasers in custom dojo courses, they go through everything, creating massive lag and breaking many courses. I suspect they also go through the walls of the room just by the sheer amount of lag created.

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1 hour ago, Shahrizai said:

Sorry for the huge list, but you did ask for it :)

Objects sometimes become invisible and cannot be interacted with until a new instance of the dojo is created

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