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Let's Discuss The Eidolons


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I'm gonna start by saying that I know this game isn't perfect just like any other game and that there will be some issues along the way. However, there are currently a few issues specifically with the eidolons. 


I consider one of them to be a pretty big problem. This is when the eidolon you are fighting just dies, either for no reason or even when you have the required amount of charged lures. There have been a few times where we get enough lures charged and Onkko even says that the sentient energy is contained but the eidolon still dies instead of us getting the capture. There have also been a few times where we are on the final stage of the eidolon where vomvalysts are rushing in the heal the eidolon and we are trying to charge up the lures and the eidolon just dies. This one is especially frustrating because it happens at a time where we cannot do any damage to the eidolon so there is no way someone accidentally killed it before the lures were charged. I did get a short video of this bug happening: 

You can see the arcane and some shards next to the eidolon in the video. We only had 2 lures charged but we still had plenty of time to charge one more in order to capture the eidolon. We should have had as long as it took since we had damage the eidolon after it stood up but instead it just died. Towards the end of the video, you can also see that we did not get a radiant shard which means we could not continue on to the Hydrolyst.



There are other issues that I've notice while doing eidolon hunts but they are not as important as the two above. I would eventually like to see other issues fixed. I've notice overall lower FPS in the plains compared to other parts of the game with occasional large drops in FPS for a few seconds. Vomvalyst spawns are very unpredictable and sometimes they don't spawn at all. Lures sometimes fly away for no reason. Currently there is something going on with the rain where it's super dense and makes it hard to see anything any more than a few meters away. Eidolon hit boxes are also a bit weird. Sometimes you can be shooting right at a synovia but you aren't actually hitting it because something is in the way. There is also a hit box issue on the Hydrolyst when trying to spawn Unairu Wisp as you have to be higher up in order to spawn it. Again, these are not as important as what I mentioned above but it would be nice to see these fixed as well.

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A. he dies becuse lures are not within the required 10-15meter radius for capture to happen.
B. Once the Eidolon dies, someone uses his "Dash Itzal" to example exit and his "lure" blows up around 10 seconds later, meaning ALL loot will spawn at that lure.
(notice: this happened a couple hundred times for me) - People want to restart and care less if other get loot.

C. You need to kill Vombalyst with your Tenno (operator) if all lures are charged, Otherwise you want to one-shot with a weapon so its get consued by a near lure. (5meter).
D. One team mate is one-shot his Knees/arms with "Lenka/Rubico Prime" or other Radiant built weapon.

Edit: When i see the video... its odd he actully "dies" and grant loot before hes going into his final form... THAT should be impossible.
- Thats an exploit and is bann alert on!

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