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Gaze Kitgun Needs Sound Effects


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Usability Problem with Gaze Kitguns and Sound Effects:


while the beam has a startup sound effect when first firing; a continuously held beam is nearly silent.

Aside from sounding unimpressive and weak (guns should be loud right?)

This causes some major usability issues when using a Pax Charge Arcane(auto reload when not firing)

because with no sound effect; I often do not realize the beam has run out of ammo and will continue to hold the trigger doing nothing except preventing the Pax Charge from activating.

Some Sound Effect cues would really help here, a firing sound in general would of course make the weapon feel more fun; but additionally perhaps an empty magazine click or some indicator that it's time to pause for reload.


Alternately, let Pax Charge activate even when the trigger is still held; so long as the magazine has first hit 0.

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