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Vauban Rework


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To start off, this is my first forum post, and I'm proposing a heavy Vauban rework, and even offering a way to do so.

These changes might seem outlandish, and I'm open to criticism. I'm also trying to have fun here and include ideas that I would like to see in maybe future frames, or in future reworks.

As a default frame, he takes incredibly long to get, and you're restricted to wait month after month for his alerts. As a prime, he's probably one of the most expensive I've seen. Nobody wants to pay 7.5k Oxium, 9k Cryotic, and 20 Nitain Extract to have a S#&$ squishy frame with no sustain, no immediate defense, no stealth or any heavy skill-damage. The current passive offers extra damage to incapacitated enemies, which include enemies effected by Vortex, Concuss, or Shred, which is decent considering his chance to activate this passive. His teslas are completely useless at higher levels, they barely do damage, and charging them makes the energy:usefulness ratio even more skewed. The only good ability in minelayer is shred, which is only worth its energy cost at around 200% PWR STR. Tripwire, Bounce are a complete joke, I've never used them for a purpose other than messing around with squad members. Concuss has some uses, but doesn't do anything that Bastille can't do other than messing with enemies with radiation. Talking about Bastille, one of his only good abilities, is capped out at 12 enemies (without strength mods), and costs 75 energy to place (without efficiency mods). Vortex and Bastille are the only decent abilities he has, in which both have incredibly high energy costs for a frame based around duration and strength.

I'm offering a complete rework of his kit, making him more based around damage rather than CC.


Passive: Explosives Expert - Cannot take self-damage, 15% blast damage increase.


First Ability (1): Shatterbomb (25 Energy) - (Press 1) Vauban throws a sticky grenade, which can stick to any surface (enemies, teammates, companions etc), capped at 10 grenades (increases with PWR STR). 

(Hold 1) - All sticky grenades explode, dealing damage, and shattering 30% of the enemy's armor, and 15% of the armor of surrounding enemies (non-stackable effect).


Second Ability (2): Minelayer (50 Energy) - Split up into 2 abilties


1. Energy Barrier - Vauban throws a ball out which splits up into 4 corners, creating an energy barrier in between (can create more than one), (health increases with PWR STR) randomly reflecting bullets that hit the shield. (About the size of Atlas' wall).

2. Implosion - Vauban throws a ball which pulls surrounding enemies in (similar to vortex), and stuns them for a short duration. 


Third Ability (3): Bastille (75 Energy) - Same Ability


Fourth Ability (4): Reinforce (100 Energy) - Duration based exalted-type weapon. Vauban can summon an AI shoulder-mounted minigun, or grenade launcher.


As a reminder, this idea is just for fun, and in no way am I expecting it to be put in the game, or thinking it should be in the game the way they currently are. I'm just writing this to introduce something cool, and maybe for one of these abilities to be implemented for a future rework.


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On ‎01‎/‎01‎/‎2019 at 10:41 PM, 1Daredevil1 said:

Fourth Ability (4): Reinforce (100 Energy) - Duration based exalted-type weapon. Vauban can summon an AI shoulder-mounted minigun, or grenade launcher.

... or even stationary like a turret.


Man .... I would LOVE to see that !!  Bravo ...

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My Suggestion of a Vauban Rework... (the Merc/Engineer Frame)

(disclaimer: the jump pad is utility, but it's not effective when every one bullet jumps that high anyways, and trolling... well.. we have Limbo for that now...)

Passive: all deployables are 2X potency

1 Ball Turret(HP): up to 4, stack-able: when stacking, the turret transform in to bigger turret, adds substantial HP/Armor combination is up to the user,  hold the button to retrieve all. When toss on to Excavator, it mounts on top of it adding heavy armor shell, when escalator finishes, turrets combined will automatically return

Turret1, Slow beam with little damage (short range chains)

Turret2. Flamer, (good for doorway)

Turret3, Machine gun (scales with enemy level)

Turret4. Rocket+ Chain Gun


Mod: When return from Excavators, extra shield converts in to energy for VuVu

2. Teleportors (Duration): put one down for entrance, put next one for exit up to 2 sets each teleport have thin, but visible thread to link to exit, can go through up to 2 walls... 


Mod: up to 3,

3. Raptor(duration+HP): A Tenno Drone pet, that uses ANY and ALL Sentinel mod, plus it's own Heal beam, when tap, Super Sentinel is on user, when hold+ aims at ally, drone fellows ally/VIP.


Mod: Heal beam works on Defense target/object

4. Bastille: tap to use, Hold to charge, and when toss, vortex (yes, 2 moves in one) 

(range) (Intensity) (duration)

Mod: When charged, creates a Bastille that have extended (add vortex radius) range to suck enemies on to Bastille


VuVu needs a rework, anyhow ED going to do this is fine, but I need a reason to purchase that Deluxe Skin, PLEASE...

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