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arbitration excavation power carriers DON'T SPAWN


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i'm currently completely STUCK in an unwinnable arbitration because power carriers just WON'T SPAWN. i get maybe TWO per excavator if any. to be honest i'm lucky if ANY enemies spawn AT ALL. and because arbitrations count excavators and not cryotic, i'm STUCK.

i am not doing anything wrong in the game. i am killing EVERYTHING i see, but if the excavator goes too long without power, it dies. i shouldn't have to give up everything i've farmed thus far because this missions has a spawning problem. i can't control the enemies. i'm up to 2,000 cryotic (from ZERO COMPLETED EXCAVATIONS) and i even found an ayatan and now it seems i'm expected to just abort this whole damn thing because the mission itself decided to screw me over from something i have no control over??? i have no connection problems, there's no lag, there's no fps drops, there's NOTHING in the mission itself to suggest i'm having any problems with server communication, power carriers just. won't. spawn.

i've made posts about this before and i put in a support ticket once and it got me NOWHERE. i can't be the ONLY one experiencing this problem. i literally can't play excavation void missions, sorties, and now arbitrations. even hieracon:pluto has a 1/3rd chance to just suddenly STOP spawning power carriers.

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this is still an issue.

regular excavation missions are fine up until saturn. any excavation after that there's about a 1/3rd chance power carriers will stop spawning or spawn at unplayable rates. but if the mission is relic, sortie, nightmare, alert, or arbitration, they're just completely broken.

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