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Mastery rank tests


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Soo anyone else kinda annoyed that they put a timer on the mastery rank tests? I mean it never used to be like this and it's kinda a silly little gimic it's probably having the opposite effect as the developers intended I've heard of people whom once was fans of Warframe, deciding to leave ever since they implemented the 20 hours wait period before someone could take the mastery rank tests again, honestly this coming from a Warframe Xbox player who has came over to Warframe PlayStation ..been a fan a long time but never have I seen such a poor choice implemented by the Devs before, no disrespect intended but I'm probably not the only one kinda miffed at this...have been for months but it's taken me till recently to actually voice my concern and kinda a little complaint...so Devs...take that silly timer away for Pete sakes no body has time for that kinda time block people want to mastery rank up and level their gear to get to the next rank pronto...hell it's kinda annoying for new or returning players too so..just..think on that

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