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Catchmoon screen shake


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Warframe certainly has many problems, but this was the first one I couldn't deal with.


Catchmoon screen effect is just nauseating for me, to the point that I cannot use it longer than a few magazines. Which is a great shame, since it's a one of the strongest secondaries in the game and it took me some serious effort to craft.


Please consider reworking the effect or better yet outright remove it.

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Just now, gwarlek said:

Of course, day 1.

Some people do not realise it is an option already.


Try and play with the recoil level of the weapon (mods). See if that helps at all (no, this is not a suitable fix). 

  • People used to complain about this kind of thing with the Gorgon Series. No idea if that was actually fixed (I cannot test as I never had an issue) or people just gave up. In this instance, I found there was less shaking with lower recoil. 
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