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idea for new "event" ?


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now I clicked on earth and saw the iron wake ,( honestly I forgot that it is here :D ) and I got the idea for a small event , it would be that the grineers would find iron wake and attack it in alerts 

Steel Meridian would then have certain needs for building materials and the like

the results

Steel Meridian would improve the base once and  from alerts then only get material for repairs and the like

rewards may be some mods or base as some standing with grineer rewards or relics, special weapon mods , some drops from earth like flowers that u need scan etc....

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Has i think Iron Wake needs some spotlight, i dont think another Grineer event is what we need, specially wen we just had a Steel Meridian event (Pyros Project), at best make it a Red Veil event where Paladino contacts you and you help both Syndicates on her command.

Has the "repair" aspect, dont see that happening, specially since the Iron Wake tileset is a literal copy of the Interception tileset, it would just be too much work.

Maybe make it a event about Protecting Earth and simply add something similar to Silver Grove ?

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