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Login Problem, Auto out of the game no reason and Trade Chat loading (mode) bug or glitch ?!


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There a problem which the login system, sometimes type in the password correctly at times the game (warframe) game info say : fail, which is annoying me for weeks. The way to fix it is re_exit the game and re_enter it to fix the problem. (oh don't get started with the chat system part 2)

Part 2

When you login account the trading system is stuck on loading time, the chat or trading show the error failed to connect the only way to fix it is to play Maroo ayatan hunt or helping Clem is a pain (fix the chat or Trading Chat). If you those two mission early on you are screw, there no way if at that point.

One more thing is frame drop is random or sometimes you will get out of the game for no reason, probably the server is so lagging at times the only way to fix is to send an update or patch it if you can that is. (Im did only person who looking into it ?!)

P.S DE pls send a bigger update or patch to fix this problem

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Some bug or glitch are still there not fix and are there reason
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