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Engineer type frame


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I'm thinking about this for a while now. I hope somebody out there will listen. Here it goes:

Suggestion for a new frame - an Engineer based frame where it deploys 3 types of sentries at a time. All sentries have their own default deployment state, sieged or unsieged (just like siege tank in starcraft). Unsieged can follow you (mobility can be tracks or mini legs) and can fire with limited damage and range compare to the sieged mode with an exception for the Support sentry where i cannot emit support hp or energe when unsieged. Every sentry has 2 types that can be selected just like how Ivara's dashwire, stealth and noise arrows are.

1st skill - Support sentry. Deploys either an hp or an energy sentry that provides hp or energy on a certain radius.

2nd skill - Assault sentry. Deploys either a quad Gatling gun or a quad flak canon (just like grattler).

3rd skill - Artillery sentry. Deploys either:
                   1.) Dual Rocket pods with 10-12 rounds each. recharges for 5 seconds when idle.
                   2.) Dual positron canons where it fires a thick laser for 3 seconds and thins out. recharges for 5-10 seconds (think death star or gundam ships' main canons)

4th skill - Modular combination. All currently deployed sentries magnetically attaches to the warframe. 
                  1.) Assault sentry attaches to the arms (2 gatlings or flaks on each arm)
                  2.) Artillery sentry attaches to the shoulders (1 pod or canon each shoulder)
                  3.) Support sentry.
                                     a.) Health sentry attaches to the back transforming into a booster granting the warframe flight.
                                     b.) Energy sentry attaches to the waist down transforming into a mini battle station. Making the warframe immobile but granting great damage and range.

I'll leave the art design to DE.

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