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Unauthorized Account Migration Glitch


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When migrating accounts, there is no confirmation about which account will get overwritten.  My friend was using my computer to migrate his PC account to Nintendo Switch, however, my browser remembered that I had been logged in as the switch account previously.  When he followed the migration instructions, the migration process did not prompt him to sign into his switch account and instead just overwrote my account automatically without permission from me. 

Now, the account that I have put over 100 hours into is completely gone.  I tried contacting customer support about this and just got what seemed to be a canned response about how migration can only happen once and they can't reverse this process.  I am really blown away that they can't just roll back my account to right before the unauthorized migration occurred.  I had just spent $60 on the game as well.  

I would really like DE to know about this glitch in the account migration process because I am sure I am not the only one this is going to happen to.  There NEEDS to be a confirmation of some sort about which account is going to be erased during migration and it would be even better if you had to enter the username and password of the account that is going to get erased in order to migrate.  

If anyone has any advice on how I can get my account restored I would love to hear it as I am pretty devastated.  I was playing every day and love this game but if everything is completely gone, I don't think I can start over knowing all of the work that I have put in already.

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