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Im Really Bored And I Need Your Guys Help :(



I recently find NOTHING to do in Warframe.

There is the bussines of having to level my Hate whichI love,my Swraith wich is pretty awesome too,and my Bronco wich I can make Dual Broncos of.Thing is,my Rhino,Nova Ash are all maxed and I already had Loki,Excalibur and Ember.

So any tips on what to do beside´s PvP are welcome.

Oh and one question:

If I sell an Akimbo secondary,will I keep one weapon,or will both of the guns be sold?

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Collecting everything there is to collect and maybe joining an active Clan to help others. That would be these things to keep me occupied for a longer period in Warframe. I'm still yet to finish the first one and the second one is something I consider in the future.


But if you really feel that bored with Warframe, perhaps you do need a break. I guess every content ends somewhere sooner or later.

Update 10 should give the game some "fresh air". =)

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Challenge yourself.

Give yourself objectives.

That's what I do to make everything more interesting.


If I ever get bored playing as Nova, I set myself challenges such as being able to use no powers, or ONLY using powers, or just simply trying to Flux everything.

Bored as ash? Try to finish a mission completely stealthily.

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collect mods you don't have, or level some weapons just for the mastery, then sell them if you don't like them (or you may end up finding one you like. try something new!)



buy all the BP's of weapons you don't have or haven't fully leveled from the market, then collect the resources to make them all, and start making them all in the foundry. then if you ever need them, just claim one, or if you just want the mastery points. that's my pastime (only got a few left to go. there are a lot of melee weapons :P)


or I guess you could fight vor and kril on Iliad (phobos) and try to farm some parts and weapon BP's to make the miter or twin gremlins


or if you have any tier 3 void exterminate keys, you could message me and we could exterminate all the things while in search of a frost prime blueprint :)

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