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custom K-Drive visual bug


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Noticed it after I made my first custom K-Drive but the models dont seem to line up properly in Vallis, in my orbiter it looks fine but when I summon my K-Drive in vallis the thrusters and parts dont line up properly on the board, but the light animations are where they are supposed to be. It don't know what causes it, but it always summons my k-Drive to look like this when the parts should be further back on the end of the board.

Parts: Flatbelly, Hothead, Wingnut, Fatboys; Hothead/Fatboys two parts affected by bug

I play on PS4 console, and not sure if anyone else is running into these bugs as well. I spent a lot of time trying to get my own custom board the way I want it and now cant even enjoy it, makes me not want to use it, much like a lot of other bugged content in this game. Like the conservation tag issue I've been having that has yet to get a reply to.
How it should look below

EDIT: Tried to reinstall game, did not fix issue, so not corrupted file issue on my end.

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