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Cetus Crash NSW - There needs to be a better way


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Yesterday i woke up early, decided to level up my standing with the quills, i found a group of players who wanted "Tridolon" so i took my t1 amp and Oberon prime and i asked if i could join. They told me ok, and i went with them, we captured all eidolons, i got a lot of drops i got gold mods with impact for melee and weapons, 3 arcanes, everything... 

Except, i didnt, 100 mts away from Cetus on my way back, my game crashed, as usual in cetus. i reconnected and my team had already extracted to cetus, so i skipped that part. and GOT ROYALLY FKD because i got NOTHING. 

I dont care about fortuna coming to NSW, DE needs to fix this crap about crashes or At least know the game state of the crashed player and send their goods to their inbox. Because not only i spend 50 minutes killing 3 bosses without getting a single thing, but now i know everyone else got a Fure arcane, which I dont have... is the worst the game has delivered to me. 

If you think doing anything to prevent new players from quitting is worth it, doing everything to keep invested players should be a priority and this does nothing to keep me invested, everything im go to cetus i get a crash, when is in the middle of the battle i skip the effort and get there when they are almost done. but when someone battles for 50 minutes and crashes just before extracting not only did everything the other crashers didnt, but got nothing in return.

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If they cant fix Cetus from crashing literally EVERY time I go there since the game came out (I dont even eido hunt or do bounties anymore because crashing is a garuntee if I go there, and im not trying to be in @(NSW)osueboy's situation), what do they figure is going to happen on fortuna's release, which has an open world that is not only exponentially larger, but exponentially more populated?

Spoiler: Nothing good. 

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DE and Panic button really need to get off their collective "rear ends" and start more actively communicating on this issue!

As it stands right now. The Switch population seems to be dropping like flies. Up to two weeks ago there were like 5 active instances or so of Cetus and you could get full squads on any mission any planet, but now I have to do practically everything solo the past week, except for the daily/hourly activities and relics, where there is still some activity.

Cetus is practically dead. The last week I have only seen one instance of Cetus, often low pop. No one bothers with POE anymore. This compared to 10 active instances on other platforms.

I have really tried doing a lot bounties and only managed to complete ONE! The rest all failed, because of problems and issues, like Mobs not spawning, cashes not spawning, etc, etc.So I have given up. No point!

POE is practically not working at all!  How they could have released the game in this state, without clearly testing POE content is beyond me.

I really want to know answers and if they going to show any real commitment to this platform or just going to dump Fortuna on the Switch as is and abandon the platform.

It has been two months now since the Switch release and Cetus/POE is still not fixed.

This game requires some serious time and financial commitment and I want to be sure I am investing that on the right platform. 😞


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4 hours ago, (NSW)Jeronan said:

As it stands right now. The Switch population seems to be dropping like flies.

The switch controls sorta suck... but thats not DE's fault, but i did play the mission so i could copy my progress and then i went back to playing on my xbox

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2 hours ago, Dabnician said:

The switch controls sorta suck... but thats not DE's fault, but i did play the mission so i could copy my progress and then i went back to playing on my xbox

Handheld mode sucks, without a good grip. I have the Satisfye grip for the Switch and it's awesome. Makes FPS games actually playable in handheld mode.


In docked mode, I use the Pro Controller (XenoBlade 2 version) with some setting tweaks (like run toggle, etc). No difference other than lower framerate compared to Xbox One X and PC.

So if you played the game a lot on the Xbox One X or PC with controller, then yeah... it requires some getting used to, since it feels a tad slower.

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The situation here is warframe is not a regular client-server game, as many mmos, in which you kill a monster and at the moment you pick up the drop is saved to database. 
The game, as i understand it, leaves a lot of information desynchronized untill you extract, this makes sense when you are on regular missions. because if you die/fail everything you picked up is there in the mission and you didnt get it to your ship... because you died/failed. 

Of course, if you think about it, planes uses the same system of missions as any other mission, only with a bigger map, so you start the mission and extract(end the mission)... but i dont think this is the best way to do it.

If there is no chance because "money", to make it with dedicated servers, at least the "p2p-server" or host, should send a message to server at least every 5 minutes with drops from party, and at the moment of extraction/end of mission should redeem those items to each player account even if they disconnected as long as they picked up those items. 


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