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Scylla 2.0 (old concept rework along with name change)


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So, anyone out there may remember this warframe concept a while back that was a stealthy changeling octopus-ish frame that died an ironic death of drowning in a sea of better presented (or otherwise better) ideas?  Well, as it turns out the original artist (me) started a rework.  Then quickly realized she'll meet the same fate as old scylla if she's not painted with any skill on a tablet or by anyone of any renoun, so I attempted to commission Kevin Glint on deviant art, then realized $300 was not a price I could pay at the moment (in the future probably),  Then I commissioned ChickenDrawsDogs to it and this was the outcome, along with this, and this.  Her old abilities were envisioned in a simpler time of warframe as was her name.  A time when you could hear there name and abilities and know that's why they bear that name, then frames like Ivara came along and made you check their wiki page to figure out why, then frames Khora and Garuda happened leaving you scratching your head even after checking their respective wiki pages, so without further rambling on that here's some rambling on Scylla's new name and abilities:

Scylla, Phorma, Morphina, Krakena or what (better idea? I'm all ears)?

A frail, alluring façade hides a fearsome beast within (possible story coming in the future)

Abilities (keep in mind that these are ideas of abilities and aren't limited to the assigned ability slot, the devs can throw them in any slot they wish, also still a WIP and subject to change, and probably in need of some name changes as well, along with some grammatical reworks too):

1) Anthropy - tap to toggle between one of these transformations, hold to temporarily transform into the selected form:

- Lycan - she transforms into a bipedal battle form based on your currently equipped companion.  if sentinel is equipped then she transforms into a flying Glaucus like serpent (something like this or this, I may have chicken illustrate these forms as well) that fires a powerful version of the sentinels weapon type.  the weapon's damage scales with the currently equipped relevant weapon on both the warframe and sentinel's weapon.  if kubrow is equipped, you transform into a fearsome werekubrow with brutal claw attacks that emits a howl that slows, terrifies, and has a chance to paralyze enemies with fear opening them up to finishers that if executed in this form are nigh lethal and recover a portion health that scales with damage dealt.  if Kavat is equipped, you transform into an alluring werekavat with agile slash attacks from both tail and claws that cloaks and deploys a decoy that taunts enemies in range making them attack it and make them take heightened critical damage and status proc damage with a greater chance of proc-ing both attacks have a chance to drop rare loot from taunted enemies.  If MOA is equipped, then you transform into a MOA that makes other MOAs s--t themselves in terror (whether they're equipped to do so or not), that has all sentinel weapons in your inventory equipped on its turret that fire all simultaneously (or in whatever usable intervals).  Damage and effects scale with all currently applicable equipped weapons and mods in the loadout.  If no companion is equipped then… um… maybe this option is locked out and this one comes into play.

- Kraken - (kind of like her old 1 and 3 rolled into one) 6 sharpened barbed tentacles  erupt from her back, raise her off the ground and allow her to walk and traverse the area and climb almost as good as someone in an archwing or simply flying, but is limited by the tentacles range of push and lift.  in this mode she is immune to melee enemies by way of the tentacles raising stabbing them to the ground.  her melee attacks in this mode consist of tendril lashes that when charged grab enemies and bludgeon them with the ground or other enemies.  charged while channeling commit multiple tentacles to pull at each limb until they are pulled apart or until they suffer serious lacerations and bleeding from breaking free.

2) Hide-walker - temporarily mimics a targets abilities, weapons, and appearance (albeit allied or enemy) but permanently stacks their current rating to her own for the duration of the mission.  gains temporary hit points regenerates health over time, based on the targets current health amount.  If the enemy isn't already on alert, crouching in this mimicked state will make her movements more like her enemies allowing her to not arouse suspicion from her enemies.  if the mimicked weapon is in your inventory,  the mods you have on that weapon and the currently equipped appropriate weapon (primary, secondary, melee) are added to the weapons current level stats.

3) Daze - her skin emits a series of lights and colors that lull enemies who gaze upon it into a trance that slows them and removes all hostility in them for the dazes duration as they are slowly drawn to her luminescent display.  When the daze ends and no alarms are active and no hostile is spotted, their alert status will be removed.  if you maneuver your enemies gaze to be obstructed by another of his allies there's a high chance to cause a fight to break out between the enthralled targets.  headshots that don't kill the target will leave them unable to distinguish friend from foe or have the ability comprehend how to use complex weapons and equipment (guns and abilities) the way they're intended, leaving them to try and bludgeon their adversaries with the only means they're capable of using.  Also, enemies caught in the daze suffer a higher likelihood of status procs being inflicted on them more frequently with greater duration and damage.  Lets just say Eximii that gaze upon her in this state have their auras nullified (or stolen as a base passive or thru means of an augment), just for laughs

4) Ink Cloud - she emits a cloud that stops enemies in their tracks by means of painful blindness or optical equipment and weapon failure, leaving them trying to fix them.  this cloud is only visible to allies, not to hostiles, leaving them to unable to detect it until they feel the effects of it or are in an alert status.  however, if she or an allied Tenno moves into this cloud they will be invisible to any pursuing enemy and they will be forced to walk in as they will be unable to land any accurate shots (assuming the Tenno stays out of their line of fire).  the area of affect is around her upon casting it and continues to expand if she stands still or moves slowly, but ultimately lingers behind her (like Nezha's firewalker) allowing her to customize its area of affect for the power's duration.  As she stands still or moves slowly the area of effect that lingers behind her is bigger, as she runs, its smaller, but still lingers behind her creating a wall enemies have difficulty seeing past.  Enemy cloak is nullified as all enemies are highlighted when in the gas

Passive: inherits the passives of all squad members and companions and doubles the strength and effectiveness of passives and allied auras including her own aura.

Armor: 50 at most.  (Her Skin-Walker is what will save her in this regard)

Energy: high or naturally efficient usage

Health: tops out at 9000 with a maxed rank Warframe and vitality mod

Shield: average (300 I think) or lower (once she stacks enough armor, shields won't be a problem, her shields could go the way of Nidus and Inaros, but I'm not sure how well that will do if players can't stack armor fast enough, because 9000 health will mean nothing without armor or shields)

Sprint speed: 1.20 to faster than Loki if possible (or favored, she would probably need some speed as both Loki and Nova have better armor)

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lets see if this spoiler works with an imgur embed link
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19 hours ago, HugintheCrow said:

You can directly embed pictures in your post by copy-pasting a direct link. It looks nice and makes sure that artwork is actually seen.

can you not view the links or is it just a measure of making sure in-case others can't, because I can't really tell if other people can't see them.  I will look into the embed function, as I'm pretty sure some people viewing this site might have trouble going to different websites just to view a reference picture, especially on certain platforms like a phone or some gaming console or a desktop that could use an upgrade or two

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7 minutes ago, andymous87 said:

can you not view the links or is it just a measure of making sure in-case others can't, because I can't really tell if other people can't see them.  I will look into the embed function, as I'm pretty sure some people viewing this site might have trouble going to different websites just to view a reference picture, especially on certain platforms like a phone or some gaming console or a desktop that could use an upgrade or two

As I said, I think it looks nicer when everything is there, also some people might not notice the links, or not want to click them (some could be concerned for security reasons).

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