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Shattering Impact not working on certain weapons


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Shattering Impact is supposed to strip enemy armor when they're hit with a weapon that deals at least 1 impact damage, but it doesn't seem to work on certain weapons.

I took off every mod except Shattering Impact and tested against a single level 135 Nox with AI disabled.  I marked down every other hit because both the Hirudo and Galatine Prime would hit twice for each attack.

Hirudo: 52, 66, 113, 143, 217, armor removed health bar turns red.
Galatine Prime: 55, 55, 55, 55, 55, 55, 55, 55, 55, 55, armor still present health bar remains yellow. Tested up to 100 hits, no change at all.

Neither were allowed to get any kind of combo going, so these damage values are unmodified.

So either the Galatine Prime doesn't actually do impact damage in spite of it listing 4.1 as the base, or something else is up here.
This isn't just the bug where the bar still appears yellow for clients either, since I was the only player, and the damage numbers weren't changing at all.

So far I've only found that it doesn't work on the Galatine Prime, but I don't have all the weapons so I'm not willing to rule out that there are more.
Other weapons that worked: Broken Scepter, Nikana Prime, Paracesis, Sancti Magistar, Venka Prime, Zaw.

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