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elemental/magic user frame


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hp: 75 (225)

shield: 100 (300)

armor: 50

energy: 200 (300)

sprint: 1.0


p: Attunement: 

The warframe may select an affinity in the arsenal which will give it a bonus in missions.

Fire: targets in your affinity range that die while burning (regardless of source of burning), explode to deal 20% of their max hp as blast damage in a 5m radius.

Ice: The warframe is granted 100 armor. Additionally crouching in place generates a coat of ice which provides a shield up to 500 health and is effected by armor's damage reduction. The shield generates at a rate of 100/sec.

Storm: Lightning bats damage doubles every time it jumps to a new target. Storm dragon breath now jumps to enemy targets within 10m but its damage halves with every jump.

1: Lightning Bats:

surrounds the warframe in a swarm of bats made of electricity. Each bat can block one instance of damage before disappearing and upon blocking they will damage and stun the source of the attack for 3 seconds (if possible). Shocks from a blocked attack will jump to a random enemy within 10 m until no valid target is within range. Each enemy can only be shocked by the same bat once.

Number of bats: 3/6/9/12. Damage: 40/80/120/160. Duration: unlimited. Cost: 25.

Number of bats and damage scale with power strength.

2: Rain of Fire:

channels a rain of fireballs in an aoe at the target location. Each fireball has a blast radius of .5m and spawns at a fixed height at a random location within the aoe radius before raining down and impacting the ground or a target. Any targets impacted by a fireball are dealt a guaranteed heat proc while targets impacted by the aoe have a 50% chance of a heat proc. After hitting the ground or a target the fireball will leave behind flames that burn for 2/3/4/5 seconds dealing 50dps with a guaranteed heat proc. Fireball spawn reaches saturation at 5 seconds and has a 1.5 second deactivation delay. Rain of Fire is a full body action and will prevent movement and other actions while channeling. Standard channeling energy regeneration limitations apply.

Number of fireballs existing at once: 5/10/15/20. Damage per fireball: 50 (heat). aoe radius: 2/3/4/5 m. cast range: 20/30/40/50 m. Cost: 4 eps

number of fireballs and damage per fire ball scale with power strength. Aoe radius, cast range and blast radius scale with range. 

3: Frost Runes:

The frame places a rune on the target surface which connects to the nearest runes on the same surface and non parallel surface to create a barrier than blocks all projectiles and slows enemies. The frame can place 2/2/3/4 runes at once. Enemies attempting to pass through the barrier are slowed based on their health. Slows can reach 100% and effectively prevent passage of an enemy if its health is below a certain point. Each face of the barrier will apply an instance of slow such that barriers may be stacked in layers to prevent stronger enemies from passing through. Connection range is 3/6/9/12 m. Duration is tbd but runes will change shape/shrink over their duration to display when they are close to dissolving, this will allow the frame to maintain the barrier through physical inspection of each node. Adding a new rune once the cap has been reached will replace the oldest rune. A rune can be removed by holding the skill button while aiming at an existing rune. An existing rune may be refreshed by casting again within the boundaries of an existing rune. Slow percentage and number of runes allowed at once scales with power strength. Connection range scales with power range. Duration scales with duration. Cost: 25 per rune.

4: Dragon:

The frame summons a dragon to assist it in battle. health will be similar to rumblers while damage and control will be more effective similar to venari. All dragons have a ranged breath attack, can slash enemies (and apply slash procs) with their claws, and have an aura. Dragon's range and strength both scale with power strength. Dragons will take flight in poe and vallis. Cost: 100.

Fire: breathes standard fire damage with a guaranteed heat proc, fire aura does high damage damage over time with a chance for a heat proc.

Ice: breath deals less cold damage with guaranteed cold proc, will freeze enemies solid after a short duration, enemies frozen solid take extra damage from dragon's melee attacks. Cold aura slows enemies. Ice dragons also have higher threat and extra health which corresponds to a coat of ice that regenerates over time if not taking damage to make up for their lower damage output.

Storm: breath deals high damage in bursts with a guaranteed stun. storm aura does standard electricity  damage with a high chance for a tesla chain proc.


Exclusive Melee Weapon

Elemental Staff:

When no other melee weapon is equipped the frame gets access to its magic staff. 

While wielding the magic staff the effects of its passive are doubled.

Its basically just a standard staff that reaches shoulder height and has a large orb on the top that changes type depending on attunement. The melee damage will be nothing special but the charged melee attack will be special in that it will instead use both hands to slam the butt of the staff on the ground and create a line in front of the warframe knocking all nearby enemies back across the line while creating an elemental effect based on the type of affinity. The frame can use all of its abilities while wielding the staff. 

Fire: flames will burn enemies who cross the line setting them ablaze

Ice: enemies crossing the line will be frozen for a short duration and then chilled 

Storm: Enemies will be stunned and the stun will jump to enemies on the far side of the line

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