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Mastery rank test glitch?


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Hi guys! So just recently, about 2 mintues ago, i had enough xp to qualify for my rank up test, nervous about failing the test, i ran afew training simulations at the relay before finally deciding i was ready for the test, unfortunately, immediately after pressing the qualify button, nothing happened and i wasnt transported to the test map, instead, the test went on its 24 hour cooldown. Thing is that im quite sure it has something to do with my wifi and it being unstable as i had gotten a message saying “an existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host. ERROR 10054”. I was wondering if it was possible to reset the cooldown somehow or do i have to wait 24 hours for a chance to qualify. Personally, im more afraid of losing connection again tomorrow and having to wait another 24 hours, has anyone else encoutered this issue as well?

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