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Database Optimizations Causing Integer Overflow on Credits


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So the other day I went over the 32-bit integer limit for Credits. Credits are viewed by the game client as a signed 32-bit integer. This means when the value exceeded 2,147,483,647 Credits, this happened:

Now, I thought to myself: "I should contact support, I think I broke an inventory number". However, upon further investigation, it seems the Warframe mobile app shows the true value stored in the database (I am assuming a 64-bit integer). I saw this:

As you can see, my Credits are shown as a positive integer exceeding the 32-bit integer limit. That got me thinking: What if I spend Credits on my iPhone so that when converted (from presumably a 64-bit integer) to a 32-bit integer, it will be shown as a positive value on my PC? After spending approximately 300,000 Credits through the Mobile app's foundry, I brought my Credits back down to a positive 32-bit integer value:

I am well aware how much work this is to affect such a minority of people. However, if changes/fixes are made to how items (Credits specifically) are optimized from the database before they reach the game client, there would be no way a player could hit (if I assume 64-bit integers are used in the database) 9,223,372,036,854,775,807 of any item in the game.

I bring this to light because I am not the first player to hit this (Kinjeto also hit this value and did an analysis on July 7th, 2017), and it is quite annoying to have to burn Credits that I would rather not just because of a database issue. Thank you for reading this and I hope it can be fixed soon! It has been over a year and nothing has changed to resolve this.

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