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dawn of the liberators and the silencers


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Life can be unpredictable,it that unpredictability is what makes its core. we must accept it as it is,even if it turns brothers in blood and in war against each other.

this is the story of two tenno twins, names long forgotten, who were in fact half orokin, and were suffering in the orokin era,but had the love of margulis ,not for being half orokin,but for the suffering they indured.

they were known as the "twin kings" because of their orokin lineage,and remarkable tenno skills. and in addition,were leading the tenno throughout the orokin extermination.

when they woke up from stasis,their choma prime bodies coroded.So,they used a dynasty attire and became "the sentient slaying twins" for using war as their melee,symbolizing their triumph against sentients.they were brother in both blood and war,friends until the end.however,fate has a weird way to laugh at people.

part 2:

after the chimera prologue,they decided to open relics to get ducats for the paracesis in order to save ballas, believing its the only way to save him. their relics were acting in a weird sense as if some sort of energy is flowing in each of them,but they didnt waver. once the relics were cracked,the energy in each relics flowed within the holders of each.


they each saw different paths,different flames to represent,on that day. one represented the flames of liberation,and was the one to see that he needed to liberate this world.the other represented the flames of darkness,and saw that the world must be silenced by his hands.

when they woke from their day dreams,the one who saw liberation saw a change in his brother,hair white as snow with strands of purple energy flowing in them,but eyes black as abyss with yellow pupils .he saw a mirror too,seeing his black hair had red strands glowing out of them,and his eyes slightly changed.it was that day,they became enemies.

and so,they each formed an organization to reach their goals,and made names for themselves.zekrosage formed the liberators,a group of tenno striving to liberate the world.and the raven made the silencers,a group of tenno who want to silence the world and bathe in the blood of everyone.

life can sting,and break bonds made in years in a matter of minutes or seconds. but such is the way we can appreciate its beuty.

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9 hours ago, Loza03 said:

This isn't really a fan concept.  It's a good thing something in fan zone as for a story or something, but this is for fan suggestions for the game.

Also, Megathread is for mods and devs only

oh,ill make sure to adjust this rn




wait,its done?!

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