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Octavia Mallet / Resonator Interaction Toggle


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Hello Warframe Forums,


I have been playing quite a bit of Octavia since I have gotten her and I love her design and abilities.  She really makes a long mission feel less tedious.  The only hiccup I have with her is I would like a toggle of when Resonator goes and picks up the Mallet.  The reason I am asking is because when I am defending an objective, I want the mallet to stay where I put it (Usually covering 2+ entrances) while the Resonator rolls around and does its thing.  When I am doing a non-defense objective I want it to roll behind me with Mallet.  As of right now, when I am defending and use Resonator without fail it will pick up the mallet and rolls to a group of enemies... Which is great until it rolls away from another group and most of the time out of range of Amp. It is making me not use Resonator when defending and that makes me sad because then my music is incomplete.


My proposed change would be to put a toggle on Resonator, much like Khora's Venari ability.  That way, when it is toggled on it will go pick up the Mallet and when it is toggled off it rolls around and makes its own fun.  Thanks for reading.

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