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Ticket Sumitted 43 days ago along with twitter, reddit, forums posts...


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43 days. I check my email every day, then read about people whos tickets have been submitted and closed while my one ticket has been unanswered. 43 days and I wake up to another automated email. A player named Lemuroza told me that Warframe responded to his ticket 12 days after he filed it and closed it with him after. They apologized for the "delay" since they just needed to do an extensive investigation on to his account since he had traded with another player that ended up abusing trade, or something like that. The thing is he filed his ticket 28 days before me, and got it solved 3 days ago.

Some people have suggested @ing them on twitter, so I've posted on twitter, I've asked for help on reddit to no avail. Basically I've done everything I can think of, but haven't been told a thing. Its basically impossible to contact ANYONE to help. I've created a new ticket, while waiting for my old one to get a response for assistance. Both have done nothing but accrue automated responses. I have counted 7 automated responses from the original ticket. I haven't been able to log in since November 20th 2018, after I re-downloaded the game and submitted my ticket. Its January 2 2019. SOMEONE PLEASE help me make sense of this. 

these are my original posts, please help me find a way, a better way. I can't just sit here forever, Its unbelievably frustrating at this point

"Our Support strives to address new tickets as quickly as possible but unfortunately, during peak periods with a high influx of support requests, response times can be delayed." 
That is along the lines of the most common response I get from other people on reddit/forums. I know its busy. But my point is that I submitted my ticket a much longer time before others who have already had their ticket solved. 1 month and 14 days right now. Please keep that in mind.

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2 minutes ago, Neroo01 said:

DE have been off work and just returned back to work today I'm sure your ticket will be resolved by the end of the week as there possibly a lot of submitted tickets from PC Mainline problems.

That I did not know, that is good to note and enough for now. I had read that they were working over thanksgiving in November so I was more hopeful then. And way more patient and less frustrated. Thank you for responding. To be honest I planned to make another post at 50 days if I had reached that long but the Automated responses over and over again triggered me today since I've already been told by other players their account had an "extensive investigation" and I don't even know if anyones looking into my account what so ever. I could only pray for an "extensive investigation" at this point but my 43 day ticket compared to their 12 day ticket just baffles me

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