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Vauban, THE Engineer - rework


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Concept: There are many different kinds of engineers. Medical engineers, Chemical engineers, Mechanical engineers, among many others. As THE Engineer, I'd like to see Vauban with more diversity by giving him 4 different tool kits: Medical, Building, Chemical, and Trap. To balance this versatility, every skill gets a cast time similar to fully charging Ember’s 1st skill or Hydroid’s 1 and 4. In order to deploy a skill, you have do a full cast, no partial charging, but casting time would be able to be affected by mods like Natural Talent. A partial charge would do nothing except on his first skill, where it would change the currently equipped tool kit. A partial charge would consume no energy either, and like Ember or Hydroid are able to also move while charging their skills, Vauban would still be able to move while charging a cast. This is to give Vauban the appearance of crafting a device from his selected tool kit while on the move. So we trade construction time requirements for more versatility in the field.


Passive – Automation – Vauban’s passive depends on which Tool Kit he has equipped

 - Medical Kit – While equipped, Vauban passively heals himself and nearby allies for 1% of critical damage done with his primary weapon.

 - Building Kit – While equipped, Vauban’s armor is increased by 100% (multiplier on top of mods).

 - Chemical Kit – While equipped, when knocked down, Vauban emits a toxic cloud that inflicts toxin damage to nearby enemies.

 - Trap Kit – While equipped, Vauban drops a caltrop behind him every 3 seconds as he moves that slow enemies that step on them in a 3 meter radius.

Concept: I don't think I need to explain the concept for medical kit or building kit. A pretty straight forward HP leech on primary weapon critical damage and armor increase. The concept for Chemical kit is that if you were holding a chemistry set, and you were knocked down, there's no telling what kind of toxic reactions you would create. With trap kit, I imagined running along and accidentally dropping dangerous devices.


Ability 1 – 25 energy – Tool Kit – Vauban crafts a device with his currently equipped tool kit that he then deploys at the targeted location. Tapping the 1st skill button changes the currently equipped tool kit. 1 second cast time.

 - Medical Kit – Deploys a mechanical device that restores the shields of allies. 10, 20, 30, 40 shield/second in a 5/10/15/20m area for 5/8/10/12 seconds.

 - Building Kit – Deploys a shield wall with 500/1000/1500/2000 hp.

 - Chemical Kit – Deploys a device that emits a poisonous gas, dealing 100/200/300/400 gas damage with 100% proc chance in a 5/8/10/12m area for 5/8/10/12 seconds

 - Trap Kit – Deploys a device that leashes enemies in a 5/8/10/12m area, binding them in place for 5/10/15/20 seconds.

Concept: Vauban’s current 1st skill tosses out a single orb which electrocutes enemies that get too close. Sticking with this deployable idea, I imagined Vauban crafting a simple device from his currently equipped tool kit that he deploys with different effects. With the trap kit, this is, in effect, similar to his current 3rd skill without lifting enemies in the air.

Mod effects: Efficiency affects skill cost. Duration affects the duration of Medical Kit, Chemical Kit, and Trap Kit. Range affects the range on Medical Kit, Chemical Kit, and Trap Kit. Strength affects Medical Kit, Building Kit, and Chemical Kit’s damage (not proc chance).



Ability 2 – 50 energy - Overcharge – Vauban overcharges his currently equipped kit, creating a different field effect depending on the equipped kit. 1.5 second cast time.

 - Medical Kit – Vauban recovers the health of himself and allies within 5/10/15/20m by 5/10/15/20 hp per second for 5/10/15/20 seconds.

 - Building Kit – Vauban deconstructs the armor of enemies within 10/15/20/25m.

 - Chemical Kit – Vauban creates a 5/8/10/12m area of slick liquid for 5/8/10/12 seconds which has a 50% chance every second to cause enemies to trip. Enemies that fall in the liquid suffer 50/100/150/200% additional fire damage with a 100% status proc when shot by Vauban or his allies. Shooting the puddle ignites the liquid, inflicting 100/200/300/400 fire damage with a 100% proc chance to enemies in the puddle for the remaining duration.

 - Trap Kit – Vauban booby traps a 10/15/20/25m area for 10/15/20/25 seconds. Enemies that fire their weapons in the area are pelted by unseen arrow traps for 50/100/150/200 damage per second for the duration of the skill. Enemies that use melee attacks on Vauban or his Allies in the area experience 50/100/150/200 electric damage per second with a 100% status proc.

Concept: The tool kits give Vauban his currently selected kit’s passive effect. However, by charging his kit with energy, he creates another field effect of more significance. With the building kit, stripping armor is in effect similar to how mag strips the armor of enemies, but it doesn't create projectiles.

Mod effects: Efficiency affects skill cost. Duration affects Medical Kit, Chemical Kit, and Trap Kit. Range affects all tool kits. Strength affects Medical Kit, Chemical Kit’s damage (not proc chance).


Ability 3 – 75 energy – Construct – Vauban constructs a turret at his current location with 250/500/750/1000 health. The turret constructed depends on his currently equipped tool kit. 2 second cast time.

 - Medical Kit – Construct a device that tethers to allies within 10/15/20/25m, redirecting 20/30/40/50% of the damage they take to the turret.

 - Building Kit – Constructs a device which builds a roller grenade every second that seeks out nearby enemies before detonating for 50/100/150/200 blast damage with a 100% status proc in a 3/4/5/6m radius.

 - Chemical Kit – Construct a flamethrower turret that inflicts 200/400/600/800 fire damage with a 100% status proc on enemies within 15/20/25/30m with a 5/10/15/20 degree cone.

 - Trap Kit – Constructs an electromagnetic device which attracts enemy projectiles and pulls in enemies in a 10/15/20/25m radius. When destroyed, 100/200/300/400% of the damage inflicted on the turret is inflicted back on enemies in addition to inflicting 500/1000/1500/2000 electric damage on enemies and a 100% status proc. Damage reduces with range.

Concept: For an engineer, it’s surprising that Vauban was not released with some kind of auto turret. This desperately needs to be remedied, and with great versatility. The concept of a turret though as a machine firing projectiles is a bit limiting, and not the literal definition of a turret. A turret is actually a small tower on top of a larger tower or at the corner of a building or wall of a castle, which is then armed with all kinds of armaments. Thus, this idea of a turret is to construct a type of tower with various armaments. Where Vauban had his energy wall with its augment pushing enemies out, I instead imagined the trap turret drawing enemies in, a kind of married idea between his current 3 and 4, however, instead of rag dolling the enemies, pulling them in the same fashion as Void Singularity from the Zenurik school pulls enemies towards the operator. Then, by absorbing enemy projectiles, it explodes to do that damage plus electric damage (since the device is an electromagnet) back to the enemies pulled in, with damage fall off based on range.

Mod Effects: Efficiency affects casting cost. Duration affects turret health. Range affects Medical Kit, the detonation AOE of rolling grenades on Building Kit, Chemical Kit’s max range (not arc), and Trap Kit (including damage range). Strength affects damage redirection on Medical Kit, Damage (not proc) on Building Kit, Damage (not proc) on Chemical Kit, and Damage (not proc) on Trap Kit.


Ability 4 – Automaton – 100 energy + 10 energy/second – Vauban constructs an indestructible robot equipped with a copy of his current primary weapon which carries out different functions depending on the currently equipped tool kit. 2.5 second cast time.

 - Medical Kit – When Automaton does damage to an enemy, they have a +10/20/30/40% chance to drop a health orb and a +5/10/15/20% chance to drop over shield pick-ups on death.

 - Building Kit – Automaton deploys an energy shield which deflects enemy gun fire in a 3/5/8/10m radius.

 - Chemical Kit – Automaton adds 50/100/150/200% random elemental damage to each shot from its primary weapon, including elemental combinations.

 - Trap Kit – Automaton attracts the ire of enemies in a 15/20/25/30m radius, adding 100/200/300/400% of the damage it receives to its next shot.

Concept: Deployables are fun, but one of the fantasies of mechanical engineers throughout history, as well as military engineers today, is the autonomous soldier, indestructible, and deadly.

Mod effects: Efficiency affects casting cost and energy drain. Duration affects energy drain. Range affects Building Kit, and Trap Kit. Strength affects Chemical Kit and Trap Kit.


I know this Vauban rework concept seems incredibly complex, incredibly versatile, and quite powerful, but in a game where pretty much every frame seems like gods sent amongst mere mortals, and the significance of casting time and the necessity to construct the deployed machines rather than just throw them out wantonly, it feels more like an engineer crafting things on the go on the battlefield. They’re powerful because they require some time to prepare. This versatility though may be quite a feat to implement; I know it’s a lot, but it is a nice fantasy I think would be cool to see.

Critique, feedback, changes, questions, augment mod ideas, all are welcome.

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