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Losing Loot in Orb Vallis


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While farming toroids in Orb Vallis after 30mins or more at some point if my teammates or myself decide to extract to collect loot and we die then respawn, we can't use the "gear wheel", some warframe abilities, void mode, and in the menu of "mission results" we lost all loot, nothing shows but credits. After reaching the Fortuna elevator by Bullet Jumping like crazy, the same result appear on the loot screen, nothing but credits and of the grind for toroids gone for some reason. We checked our inventories to see if it is just a visual bug and if we actually received the final loot. We didn't received any of the resources we grind for. This happened multiple times now. 

Please fix this issue.

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I had the same issue just now.


Farmed up a bunch of Calda Toroids, then we decided to bail.

I got killed just as my team mates took off.

When I got up and tried to equip my archwing, my gear wheel was empty.

Then I died again and appeared in the lift with the rest of my team.

Mission progress showed I'd been in team for the full duration with over 900 pickups, but only awarded credits and focus.

No Toroids.


Stats did show only one death, which was not correct as I died at least twice.


Checked inventory just in case it was some kind of visual issue, but no.

Had a resource booster on too 😞


I suspect it's related to dying while the rest of your team is waiting at extraction.

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