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Super Hard Fun Happy Difficulty.


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I just had a shower thought about a game mode which would be more difficult and potentially enjoyable.

Imagine if there were a difficulty either for existing missions or new missions that have the following changes:

1. All of your HUD is removed(energy, health, ammo, map, ect), similar to a Magnetic proc. 
2. Players are always under the effect of a Radiation proc. Friendly fire enabled.

Given how Nightmare missions are able to apply general modifications for the duration of levels, and Magnetic/Radiation procs already exist, I imagine it wouldn't take too long to create this game mode.

I just believe this could lead to some interesting and enjoyable experiences, even without any kind of reward increase over content without such modifiers. 

Would anyone else enjoy playing with such a handicap? Have any comments, questions, concerns? 

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They removed friendly fire from nightmare missions for a reason...

They used to have it and I have to admit sometimes I enjoy killing team mates when they are being stupid or if they shot my by mistake.

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why not increase difficulty by simply increasing enemy levels?

mission nodes can already be host to multiple "lobbies" at once (regular mission, alert, nightmare, sortie, etc). an additional lobby could be added that doubles the base level of mission nodes, which can be selected from a list after clicking on a node.

the only catch would be that this higher difficulty lobby requires some sort of entry free, like... maybe 1 Vitus Essence? that would not only give an additional use for Vitus Essence, but also go along with the theme of Arbitrations offering more difficult content and would also speed up the process of getting to higher level enemies so you'd no longer have to be in a mission for 1hr+ before facing anything actually challenging 

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