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So when are we going to have primed streamline?


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There too much mods and mecanism revolved around the energy consumption.

The use of corrupted mods and others  to counterbalance theirs malus, the specifical energy builds an warframe abilities will be impacted by this sort of mod.

A lot of work for game balance.

Probably too much work.

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Likely never, my friend. And that's because Efficiency is one of those really tightly managed functions in terms of modding. There's only two mods that affect it, and it's also hard-capped to 175% which is achievable with those already.

The issue I could see is that a Primed Streamline would only serve one purpose; flat replace regular Streamline, the exact same way that Primed Pressure Point directly replaces Pressure Point, Primed Fury replaces Fury and so on.

While some mods depend entirely on your build as to whether you use them, like Primed Vigor, which only ends up on builds where you don't care much about the frame's base survivability being super high, just higher than base... others are just replacements. You would never use Ravage when you can use Primed Ravage, or Target Cracker when you can use Primed Target Cracker.

But other mods are not so easy to say. Would you mod for Magazine Size normally? Does the weapon actually require it? If so, is it worth the extra forma for Primed Slip Magazine? Would you prefer to put in a Drift mod, or would you forma in Primed Sure Footed? Is Primed Sure Footed even worth it compared to Handspring, which lasts the exact same amount of animation time, costs less, and the only downside is movement towards the enemy if you were grappled?

So Primed Streamline would be a flat replacement mod, and nothing more, there's no added versatility, no need to change your build or even consider a different one. It's just... power creep for no reason.

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Probably never. Waframe mods are pretty tightly balanced right now, with Fleeting Expertise and Primed Continuity basically demanding that you need to choose between Power Duration and Power Efficiency. Even factoring in Narrow-Minded, Over-Extended, etc, it's basically impossible to get Efficiency to cap without taking penalties in one stat or another. In fact, pretty much every optimized build out there is a careful balancing act of partially-ranked Corrupt Mods that would probably be turned on its ear if we got another Primed Mod for a Power stat. Especially Streamline, which would basically minimize if not remove that initial tradeoff between Efficiency and Duration.

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On 2019-01-03 at 11:47 AM, XstryderX said:

have the streamline thats primed lol. 

That would be +55% eff... fleeting gives you 60% with a 60% negative. So in the end it would be the most broken mod out there. They also stated that they tested it but it was just to strong.

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come on, after playing more than 3 years 1k plus days. im sure a primed version exclusive to tribute is more than enough  for reward right?

well, @ least primed surefooted for hunting orb mothers

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I honestly doubt we'll ever get a Primed Streamline just because of the power creep it'd offer.

Take Equinox's Maim for example.
With a Maxed Fleeting Expertise alone as an example:
Maim's activation cost is lowered, but the drain raised by the Duration hit, only slightly tweaked by the efficiency buff.

Now if a Primed Streamline came along and had +55-60% Efficiency
Maim's activation and active drain would be considerably lowered at the cost of a single mod.

(But what if you use Primed Continuity in tandem?)

Fleeting Expertise - P.Continuity (Lowered activation cost, drain's nearly put back to vanilla rates, slightly tweaked from the efficiency)
P.Streamline - P.Continuity (Lowered activation cost and the drain'd be damn-near null)

In short, yeah, it'd affect far too many builds and be game-breaking power creep.

Like Octavia. If Octavia's Mallet and Resonator got the Primed Streamline and the Primed Continuity and was able to not give Fleeting Expertise a second look
she'd be playing her song for a long time, the ramp-up would get ridiculous and she wouldn't even really have to worry about energy management.

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