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Daily Tribute #378 = Skana???


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One of the possible rewards for logging in on random days is a "newbie" weapon that you:
-Don't have the BP for already
-Don't have built
-Don't have mastered

Its a way to help new players get a few of the weapons without having to spend credits on the BP itself, which can be hard for new players to do initially with how credit starved they are.

As day 378 isn't a milestone and just pulls from the general daily possibilities it can quite easily roll you a BP like that at any time.  No bug or issue here, just RNG.

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15 minutes ago, (PS4)skygrasper_550-- said:

Please tell me this is a bug. Pleaaaaaaaasssseeee

It's obviously not a bug.

You can get any weapon blueprint for weapon which you haven't maxed already. Why haven't you maxed the Skana? It's good MR points.


Also, what where you hoping for? Four morphics? 200 Endo? It isn't like you missed out on much.

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