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Vauban's Rework idea


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Vauban Rework

Passive :

+25% dmg on enemies affected by CC abilities

Picking up health orb regen health by 1% per second and increases his armor by 100. The effect lasts 6 seconds.

Also, instead of launching them himself, Vauban will have a shoulder mounted grenade launcher that will launch his grenades

1st ability:

Plasma grenade:
You know how plasma lamps work?
This ability will now work the same

It will create an aoe, dealing electricity dmg to anyone entering its field

Also, all enemies within range deal 25% less dmg and lose 5 armor points per second when they stay in the field.


150 damage
10% status chance
Infinite charges, but will attack every enemy once per 4 seconds
12 meter radius
5 points armor reduction

2nd ability:

Bastille = No changes, this ability is great

3rd ability:

Vortex = No changes, this ability is great

4th ability

[Placeholder (eureka?)]

After thinking for some time, I realized having a new sentinel slot would be nice, but having to forma another "exalted" item will be annoying at some point

Instead here's another concept:

Vauban gains 15% Reload, movement and casting speed
His passive is also 60% more efficient and increases allies abiltiy stats by 15%
Enemies killed with headshots or when affected by one of vauvan's ability have a 30% chance to drop an health orb
Finally his abilities are given a little upgrade:

Plasma grenade:
200 damage
25% status chance
Every enemy get hit 2 times more often per second
5+2% armor reduction per second if an enemy stays in the field

15 meter
20 seconds duration
16 enemies affected
Excess enemies entering the field will be slowed down by 25% and will deal 35% less damage

15 seconds duration
50 damage
9 meter radius
Once the grenades start vacuuming enemies, it will latch up to 8 additional enemies within 15 meter every third of it's duration (one upon cast, the second 5 seconds later and the last at 10 seconds).


But these upgrades come with a cost:
+10 increased energy cost per ability

15% reload and movement speed
Health orb drop chance on headshot kill/ kill within one of vauban's ability: 30%
Increase allies ability stats by 15%
(cannot change with mods): Increase vauban's passive by 60%

25 energy cost + 1 energy per second

New stats:


Normal: 110/115/150/150        /// Prime: 125/135/225/175

The choice of adding to vauban's kit the possibility to increase armor and to regain health on kills is because vauban is supposed to be a defensive frame, though he only is when he uses his abilities. Also, his citadel skin doesn't fit with the small amount of armor he has.

Adding a shoulder mounted grenade will simply fit the concept of an inventor.

Moving his 2 best abilities down from 3/4 to 2/4 respectively and removing the minelayer ability, that will be replaced by Plasma grenade (which also improves/replaces tesla grenade) will leave another place for a new ability.

Finally, giving him the ability improve his base abilities while also giving him some general performance improvement with his 4th ability will give him more efficiency at defending and attacking in general, making vauban a better choice for defensive/survival missions. 

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New rework concept
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Le 03/01/2019 à 17:06, (PS4)LoisGordils a dit :

It should be tap for Bastille and hold fot Vortex and give him a new ultimate: Exalted Rampart/Turret

Thanks for your feedback,
As you said, tap for abilities is better than adding a charge mechanic, i like using a frame as fast as possible and i think giving him charged abilities will make him feel slower
Then, for the exalted rampart/turret, as i mentioned in my new concept (yep, i changed it) will mean that players will have to forma over and over again a frame that is actually really long to farm (alerts for the classic vauban and 20 nitain for the prime variant), adding formas for such an expensive frame will not be pleasant for players. I instead gave him a "grenade upgrade" ability that also increases his passive and gives him more survivability.

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