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Warframe Concept - Mercurius, The Transmutable


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(concept originally posted by me on the Warframe subreddit)

So we have stealth frames who can go invisible (e.g. Ash, Loki, Ivara) and intangible (Loki), but I realized I'd love a frame who can hide in plain sight.

Enter Mercurius! Inspired by the T1000 from Terminator 2 and The Secret World of Alex Mack (and other liquid-y shapeshifters), Mercurius can adapt to a variety of situations, and is no slouch in a firefight, either.

The result of attempts to combine Sentient technology with the Technocyte virus, Mercurius's appearance should be unnaturally slender, sleek, and androgynous. Animations should be slow and languid, matching the fluid nature of the frame. Idle animations could involve examining an arm while transforming it in to the arm or another frame or enemy.

Passive - Quicksilver - Mercurius turns into a puddle when sliding, granting invincibility. Sliding under an enemy causes them to slip and fall.

notes: the animation would be similar to Hydroid's puddle, but slightly more bulbous, like actual liquid mercury.

1 - Impale - Mercurius extends an arm forward, dealing S piercing damage and stunning all enemies in R range. If cast again while an enemy is impaled, all impaled enemies are thrown to the side, rag-dolling them and dealing S impact damage to the impaled and any foes caught in the arms path.

note: the direction enemies are flung could be affected by the direction you're moving e.g. move right, they fly right, stay still they get slammed to the ground instead

2 - Mimesis - Mercurius turns in to a copy of the targeted enemy / object. Transformation breaks upon attacking / parkouring. While transformed, you are ignored by all enemies of the targets faction.

note: should possibly alert enemies if you're mimicking an object and enemies see you move?

2 augment - Simulacrum- Mimesis can be cast on allies, replicating their appearance and weapons.

note: Mercurius would most likely retain his own ability set rather than his targets, but maybe not? I like the idea of an ability that lets newer players try out different warframes and weapons,.

3 - Viscosity - Mercurius becomes amorphous. All attacks have an S% chance to pass right through and cause friendly fire damage to enemies.

note: probably channeled, with an additional cost for each attack that passes through?

4 - Ferrofluid - Mercurius transforms its arms in to replicates of its weapons. Melee attacks gain R range. Guns consume E health instead of ammo and gain bottomless magazines, negating the need to reload.

notes: health cost ideally would scale based off of the fire-rate, so that you don't kill yourself in 2 seconds by firing something like the Twin Grakatas, and would stop firing when you hit 2 hp (although letting people race to see how fast they can down themselves would be hilarious) Could possibly make some weapons OP, like the furis (infinite health / ammo, but the damage wouldn't be too crazy so maybe that's okay?) or the tigris prime.

Thanks for taking the time to review the concept!

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missed opportunity for use of the word quicksilver, but I like a lot of the ideas here. Passive is fun and 4 is cool, basically making your health pool the only resource you have to manage. I'm not sure how feasible copying allies is (back-end wise) but it would certainly be interesting.

This concept reminds me of one of my hydroid ideas back before he came out. Basically you could partition yourself using your hp (more hp% for a larger partition), leaving behind a puddle that you resurrect to if you die. You would also be able to swap your consciousness to the partition at any time to allow fast backtracking and covering multiple points (in interception or defense). It the time I wasn't sure if you would be able to leave multiple, because I wasn't sure how it would work under a single ability. But nowadays with hold casting it could work pretty well. Not sure if it's an idea you have any interest in but i think it would fit your frame a bit better than it does with hydroid

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