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30-40 fps at 960x540 help


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i have 30-40 fps at 960x540 resolution in orb vallis. closer to 30 at orb fight. whats causing such a bad performance? i thought a decent pc should be able to run the game at 1080p smoothly.


my pc:


8gb ram

geforce 920mx

st1000lm035-1rk172 disk


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well Geforce 920mx is pretty bad when it's about gaming. This is almost the lowest performance card of it generation. MAy explain a lot.

And I'm assuming you're on a laptop. MAybe you can make sure nothing is on "power saving mod" on your computer.Put everyting on high performances and keep your computer plugged on current (no battery mod), it may help a bit. Other than that, indeed orb vallis suffer from some optimization issues. But regarding your configuration, unfortunately you cannot call it decent if it's for gaming. If you want a smooth run at 1080, you need at least a 950 series for medium performances and at least 960GTX for good framerate at 1080p


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