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Give a "Show|Force Open/Closed" option for Syandanas


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First of all I' hope this is the right subforum to post, since it's feedback to both UI (said toggle option) and animation (of syandanas).

I've bought my fair share of cosmetics, including Tennogen items. And mulitple times I've bought a syandana on a false premise, because the preview of them only shows each syandana in one state, no matter if they actually have more than one.

I've bought at least two who have an "out of combat" state where they're opened up, and an "in combat" state where they close, which happens when you stop shooting for a bit. And I find it quite annoying, as when trying to fashionframe around the opened state, it looks weird when they are closed.

To give an example: This is what is 'advertised', but this is what happens during a mission. This is the Graxx Spitefire Syandana, and the Sari Syandana (butterfly wings) is another example where it happens. And it's not just Tennogen, the Flox Syandana has the same issue - open a complex syandana, closed an ugly box, and it only opens when you bullet jump, not even during "regular" combat/shooting/movement.

So to conclude, I wish there was a way to keep the syandana open all the time, even if it may hinder your vision (but that's why it should be an option, that if you don't mind, you can opt into it for a syandana of your liking), because it is basically false advertising to a player who doesn't do research when buying syandanas like this. It's probably not a big issue for many people, but I thought I'd still voice my opinion of it.

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