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Tyl Regor boss Fight is full of bugs


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Tyl Regor boss Fight is full of bugged:
-Tyl Regor Spawn point is wrong
-Tyl Regor randomly teleport look like he is lagging
-The maniacs that he spawn are teleporting out of the map after they get damaged 33% of their hp
-Tyl Regor spawn only 1 maniac sould be 5 or 6 I think

you still can complete the mission because the maniacs are automatically killed 5 sec~ after they disappear and you able to damage Tyl and kill him
*I already did the mission when Tyl Regor got reworked so its not my first time, I just tried to help my friend
*i did this mission 5 times today and it was bugged 5/5 times its means that its not a random bug

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He also somehow can get stuck behind a locked door on upper floor. I waited forever but he didn't come out to play. I checked every corner of the room for stuck manics but nothing. 
There might have spawned a manic inside the same room he was in, animal instict hinted at this. But it wouldn't come out.
I had to restart and the next time everything was fine. (This was in sortie)

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I have been trying to farm him and level some equipment.
However, unless I have some of my very high level weapons with me (especially melee) it is impossible to kill him.

  • His teleportation mechanic has so little Cooldown and the code is soo fragilethat his pathing gets butchered easily. I even found a location on the top floor oppersit the exit door where you can stand and it becomes clear his code is trying to find a teleportation location. He just stands there and blinks around with no animation as his code tries to dump him nearby.
  • Whenever he takes his Axe and Shield out he regains his Energy Shield. This is not a problem in and off itself. However, when he switches weapon EVERY 2 seconds when his shield isnt at full he becomes unkillable with weapons below a Rank 20. And even rank 20+ weapons can have trouble if they are not Moded correctly.
  • The Maniacs (as mentioned above) aren't really a threat as they teleport away when damaged or suffer the same pathing issue as Tyl when teleporting.
  • The Maniacs doesn't spawn in numbers that pose a problem either.(I get 1-2 per stage) and since the Maniacs are supposed to be the only way to replenish ammunition (I suspect). It would probably be an idea to make them spawn every x minutes rather when you switch stages.

I would suggest the following:

  • Lock his teleportation and fist weapons until Stage 2.
  • Give him a minor ranged weapon instead of 2 melee weapons. Why does he have Double Fist AND Axe & Shield? (I know he has a rocket puch by why does he use a melee weapon and then switches to his Rocket fists when people melee him?)
  • Give his Teleportation a cooldown or make it trigger when a path is unavailable to his chosen target instead constantly jumping around. (I get he is supposed to be a Maniac Boss, but the teleportation mechanic is clearly messing things up.
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