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Mesa Prime Deluxe Presidio skin + Attachment issues


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Hi, I just got Mesa Prime and tried to recreate the look I had with regular Mesa but there's a problem with the Attachments for the chest and legs.  The chest part sticks out too far and the legs are not centered, I'm not sure if they are bigger but they definitely not positioned properly.  The arms seem to be the same.  Here are pictures of Mesa and Mesa Prime to show the difference:





Can you please fix this?

Thank you

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chest part on "mesa prime" i can see is more straight then flipped backward as normal mesa picture.

But to me the Legs are equal on Both MESA and MESA PRIME.

-- Leg attachement should be ALOT lower the "pointy edge" should almost touch the Lady-shoe toe-tip.
and also fix the "wierd angle"...

Tried the Leg attachment you using on my Rhino/Mag/Garuda/Khora.. other frames.
- For some reason based on stands (mesa prime proud) for example one is pointing with the foot angle...
while the other points like straight to the corner (not following the foot-angle). very annoying.


Edit: Yes btw the "Chest attachment" should be pushed "into" the boobs section not laying to faar outside... 
right now if u angle around it looks like 2 spikes into the chest... thats a NO-NO!

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