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What Are The Things You Are Highly Anticipating For In U10?


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Hai all!


Like the title says, what are the things that you are mostly anticipating for in U10?


Im gonna say, Necro, the new giant Golem, and Mag Prime.





                                                                                   Post away!~~

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A true story mode, none of this "Vor's prize" 2 paragraph lore reads...I want to have a storymode that starts off as a cutscene from the tutorial where I wake up in the lotus ship surrounded by the Tenno who saved me, then Lotus comes in and tells me the whole story. I want cutscenes for bosses, quest lists, and true story. I want a system similiar to SWTOR, not praising the game but it has the best story progression I've ever seen in a PvE game even though EA did a terrible job with everything else.


I know none of this will happen though but a man can dream :(

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Ill go ahead and say the 2 new map tilesets sound cool, since I haven't seen it said here yet. 


Beyond this update I would like to see a trading/market system and some tactical formations from the clumsy unorganized military of the Grineer and beyond the beta I would LOVE to see some story driven quest-line akin to GW2's living story.

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Performance increase.

Armour 2.0.


In that order, please.

And I'm hiping against hope they hid the scale of this thing and its actually huge, like game changing huge like proper story missions and some kind of replacement for Endless Defense as end game...


I can dream, can't I?

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