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Pending rework Beasts Companions

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I don't get it why only kavats, kubros and chargers gets 8 slots form mods while any other companion gets 16 including weapon? They aren't OP compared to moas now, since they have same bleed out mechanics + DE already suggested that they will be making changes to link mods for them as well.

More over since fortuna we have dual stats mods for beasts as well, so when i go to my kavat build and go "hmm now where i should put them" to give it more stats to actually deal dmg and not being just carrier for utility mods and there is none literally, you cannot min/max beast companion for current meta with existing mods including Sets because beasts lack mods slots.

Here's my proposition add 8 more slots mimicking "Weapon" for santinels/moas and move all dmg related mods there like: Bite, Maul, Attack moves and elemental duo stats while having base 8 slots for utility mods only like Fetch, Abilitys, and link/set mods. 

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