“Login failed. Check your info”. Somebody please help me.

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I’ve made a support ticket 4 days ago stating my problem. I just came back to warframe about 2 weeks ago and this problem has been persisting almost ever since. But the last 3 days have been so bad that I can no longer login at all.

I’ve tried COUNTLESS things trying to fix the issue, ontop of posting on reddit, making a support ticket, and now posting here. Thing I’ve tried so far are as follows:

- Clear system cache

- Full shutdown on system

- Uninstall and Re-install the game

- Go to manage games & addons and deleted all saved data and reserved space

- Restarted and Resst my router

- Changed my microsoft account password hoping that would fix the “check your info” part of the error message.

- Logged in and out of my gamertag/microsoft account

- Changed my location and language (saw someone else recommend this)

I can almost guarantee you I’ve tried more things not listed here that I can’t think of right now. And now I am getting extremely agitated not only because I’ve had to inconvenience myself multiple times trying to fix this, but because I’ve just recently spent real money on the mesa prime access and bought a few boosters to go along with it. Now I am losing days and hours on the booster, no word from DE, nothing has fixed this issue, so excuse my langauge but can someone tell me what the #*!% is going on and how in the holy hell do I fix this?



*I don’t know if this matters but I have a xbox one x, and I live in the eastern part of the united states. I have countless friends who play warframe, and a lot that live in my exact region with NO problems.*

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I have had this issue come up today. I have tried everything from deleting game, save files, clearing cache with no effect. I did get a pop up message that an update was available and too restart to get the update. This is frustrating as I have just bought a affinity booster to level gear.

This I feel is an issue in game due to the pop up message.


Thank you for any help you can give me.

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Having the same problems on PC, here we can at least grab some log files to send a ticket.... Both my wife and me are having issues to log on both computers.

We changed/reset IPs, she got an answer, i had only silence from DE. Its just frustrating to be treated this way but... Wharever at this point, doing this most for her now.

Sorry since its not anything that would really help, just venting and letting know that more people are also having the same problem.

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